The extent of mobile telephony has opened a wide new world of digital possibilities for common man. More and more people irrespective of rural-urban divide needs digital services on a daily basis. Payment of utility bills and recharging of airtime, high speed data, DTH coupons, the school/college fees are a few of these service in hot demand today. We intent to provide a single window platform which will enable the fulfillment of these services including the very local payment services like, KSFE chitty payments, Electricity Bill payments, local cable operators bill payments etc.

The total market for re-charges of mobile phone companies and the utility payments are emerging now a days and there is huge market potential in Kerala.

The pilot project of this application implemented at Two Municipalities around 100 retailers. The knowledge achieved from the trial run led to this novel idea for finding a suitable business plan that could help the differently abled and needy people as well as aspiring entrepreneurship with little or no financial back up in our society for their lively hood and make an income every month.

Already made a strong strategic vision & direction for the marginalized group to enter this business and thereby ensure a decent and self radiant life.

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